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My E-Mail: answering questions @ 770-256-2690The henna he uses can last up to two weeks to a month depending on how much you wash it. Eko also offers free handed designs for customers looking for something know one else has. 

He has being studding the art of henna for the past four years but has been an artist all of his life. He is well known in Atlanta as A henna tattoo artist. He use both mend hi and Jagua henna. Eko has a wide variety of henna designs to choose from. Please call him at 770-256-2690 and book your appointment today. 
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Loc Grooming & Maintenance

We  provide several methods of Grooming your Locs,

In addition to unique, original Styles to follow.  From monthly Loc grooming, Loc repair, Loc extensions, & creative styles, it's never a dull moment with Natural Creations.

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Eko uses both mend hi and Jagua henna.

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Natural Creations LuvLocs Elixir


LuvLocs Elixir Growth Oils is a formula that provides the nourishment your Natural Hair needs to grow at its best. Created with Emu Oil, which has been reported to have the extraordinary ability to penetrate the skin, and stimulate hair and nail growth.


Our products contain no preservatives or dyes and no dangerous sulfates, parabens or phalates. We sell this product online or at our salon.


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